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Risk Management Videos

Risk Management Videos

Risk Management Videos


Stay safe. Stay compliant. Focal Fire has you covered. 


Focal Fire provides your team with the tools they need to stay safe and prepared for any challenge that lie ahead. Our custom safety & training videos help new employees acclimate to the job, while preventing costly and avoidable injuries. Confidently keep your leaders focused on their responsibilities and let us take care of the rest.

Focal Fire Montrose Environmental Training Video


With the growing requirements needed to secure municipal contracts, more is required on behalf of the bidder. To protect against potential liability, our Site-Documentation Videos meet the unique demands of contractual responsibility, while at the same time protecting your organization against unnecessary claims.


Focal Fire gets it done right the first time. Don't trust a non-specialist with your bid on the line. Give us a call to discuss your next Pre & Post-Construction video today.

Focal Fire Yellow Jacket Drilling Pre-Construction Site-Documentation Video


Increase Bid Acceptance

With markets more competitive than ever, separate yourself from the rest of the field. By highlighting your company's assets, team expertise, and relevant experience through professional videos, decision makers will recognize early in the research phase that your team is qualified for the project ahead.

Focal Fire ABC Drilling Focal Fire ABC Liovin Drilling Sonic Technology Geotechnical Drilling Salton Sea, CA


Focal Fire puts your organization's leading experts face-to-face with decision makers early in the research phase, allowing strategic guidance throughout the bid selection process. We produce strategic videos tailor-fitted to specific bid submissions that yield tangible results.


By properly staging and branding company assets we can polish your appeal to future clients AND your growing online audience. Be the brand that defines the best your industry has to offer. Team with Focal Fire and level up!

Focal Fire ABC Drilling Focal Fire ABC Liovin Drilling Sonic Technology Geotechnical Drilling Salton Sea, CA
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